Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, it has been 1 year and 3 months

I know I am a TERRIBLE blogger! Many of you have reminded me that I have a neglected blog and you would like to be caught up on our lives. So I am going to catch you all up. My goal for this year is that I post at least once a month.

To catch you up on what has been happening....

December 2008

Every year my mom does Nana's Christmas party for the Grandkids. Kristin was living in Atlanta and came up with her 2 girls to surprise my Mom. She had ALL of her grandkids together. That doesn't happen often but it is always nice when it does.
It is SO hard to get a good picture with everyone!

The kids were tracked out of school. We made our yearly December visit to Norfolk to visit the Forsgrens. We took Gregory with us for the last time. We always have a blast, but it was bittersweet knowing Gregory was going to be leaving. We had a friend take pictures of the kids and Gregory. It was freezing that day but she was able to get some good ones. The slacker I am, I still have not ordered any and have none to show you. I do have ordering pictures on my current to do list.

Nick had his first Christmas.

January 2009

We had a crazy snowstorm. It snowed, and snowed....5 whole inches!

The kids LOVED the snow.

Of course this was the same day that Gregory left for the MTC. It took him ALL day and night to finally get to Salt Lake.

The kids are really going to miss there Uncle Gregory. But they are so proud of him for going on a mission. Nickolas is going to be 2 1/2 when Gregory gets back. We show him pictures of Gregory all of the time.

April 2009

Ryan turned 11. I cannot believe how big he is getting. Time goes by way too fast. Ken surprised him with tickets to a Hurricaines Hockey game. He also got a jersey for his birthday.

Easter egg hunt at Nana's.

Gregory left the MTC and touched Albania soil where he will be until December 2010. That seems so far away. He has been loving his mission and is a wonderful missionary. My Dad of all people does a blog for Gregory. He posts Gregory's letters and pictures. Check it
Sister Neil, Elder Skadi (his name in Albanian) and President Neil, Gregory's Mission President

May 2009

 Angelina had her dance recital. She is after all Angelina Ballerina. They did it to the song, "Stop Mr. Postman." It was too cute. She has taken the year off this year, but is constantly asking when she gets to start again.
Angelina and her "bestie" Emi 

Audrey had a torn ligament in her foot and was in a boot cast. Ryan fractured his wrist. You would not believe the looks I was getting. I am sure people were wondering if I beat my kids. But no they are just like their uncoordinated mother!

Ken gratuated with his MBA!!!! We all survived and are VERY proud of him. It was a lot of hard work working full-time, being a dad and hubby, going to school and everything else he needed to do. Angelina thought he might be nervous walking on stage to get his diploma. She asked if she could go with him and hold his hand. I told her I thought that Daddy was big enough to go by himself and we could cheer really loud.

 June 2009
Ryan graduated from the 5th grade. Middle School here we come! I cannot believe we are old enough to have a middle schooler. He was voted by his class to give a speech.

July 2009
July 4th.....

Ryan and Audrey also started school. Lame Mom that I am, I forgot to take pictures! 2 weeks into school, Ryan was the first one in our family to get swine flu. It was running rampant arond the middle school.

August 2009

I spent a lot of time in Virginia this summer. The Forsgrens were moving to Japan and I went up to help Susan prepare for the move. We celebrated Angelina's birthday. On her actual b-day Susan and I took the kids out to dinner. That weekend when Ken and the other 2 kids came up and Jay was home, we had a party to celebrate Angelina, Nick, and Jay's birthdays. (Our camera died and Susan has the pictures of Nick's first birthday. I will have to post a picture of him later.) After coming home, we had another party with family and friends. She was a lucky girl!

                                                                              At dinner with Sarah Bella
                                                    Party at home!      

Our main trip to Virginia was for Jay's homecoming and Sarah's baptism. It was a CRAZY and HECTIC weekend. But tons for fun!

The Girlies....Sarah and Audrey

 There were more boys then DS's. One of the boys refused to play a pink DS, so Ryan let him use his.

                        Angelina is taking after Audrey and likes any guy in a uniform. Uncle Jay is still her favorite!


Our patriotic little dude!

                                          September 2009

Every September we spend a week in Virginia with the Forsgren's during track out.
Audrey turned 9!

Somehow we ended up with kids who love history. We spent a day at Jamestown and riding the ferry.

Audrey was working so hard she wore herself out!
Ryan getting in on the action!

     Angelina dropped this hat on my foot. I was wearing flip flops and she broke my toe!

Trying to master the art of walking!

Nick is ALWAYS making this face!

October 2009

Halloween….Audrey usually spends Halloween with my parents. She didn’t really want a costume but picked out some stuff to be a candy corn fairy. Papa took her trick or treating. Nana then took her to Band Day to see some of the local High School marching bands.

We always go trick or treating with a group of friends. Ryan was King of Minas Morgul from Lord of the Rings. Angelina went as Glenda the Good Witch. Her friend Emi was Dorothy. Nick was supposed to go as the tin man but it was so hot that day he went as a NCSU basketball player instead. We let him get out of the stroller for a bit and he really got into the trick or treating. At one house, several neighbors had gotten together and had chairs and a TV in the driveway watching a football game. Nick decided he was going to go sit down with them and watch the game.

November 2009

For Thanksgiving my Dad thought it would be fun to print out a picture of Gregory’s face. All day we were putting on Gregory and taking pictures. Unfortunately the settings on the camera were off and the pictures are not that great.

The night before, Ryan was playing tackle basketball on the trampoline with the boys. Taking after his accident prone mother, he hurt his arm. We decided to wait until the next morning to see if it was still bothering him. So Thanksgiving morning Ken and Ryan were in the ER. The ER Dr. said he had broken his Humerus bone. A few days later we found out it was just a tiny hairline fracture. Thank goodness!!

December 2009

Nickolas will lay in Angelina's lap and have
her rub his tummy.

Our camera died! As is dead and can no longer take pictures! Ever!!
So our Christmas photos are on my BlackBerry. I have not figured out how
to take them off of it yet.

December was a busy month for us even though the kids were tracked out of school. The girls were in a children's choir. Ryan started basketball. I started working at the YMCA. I got pneumonia for the second time in 2 months. We decided not to take our Decemder trip to Virgina. I helped Sarah with wedding plans.

Christmas Eve we spend at my parents house. Gregory's face came out again. We eat, read the story of the Saviors birth out of the Bible, Sarah reads the Night Before Christmas with all of us interrupting her and tell we all share a favorite Christmas memory.

At Nana and Poppa's house.

Christmas Day we all went back over to my parents house to talk to Gregory. This time we were able to talk to him on Skype. It was so neat to be able to see him and not just talk to him on the phone!

I committed the cardinal sin in my husbands eye. I bought Audrey a Carolina tee for Christmas. We are NCSU fans in this house. Not sure how Audrey ended up liking Carolina. Probably just to spite her father. Audrey wore it to Nana's to show Gregory. He started screaming, "MY EYES, MY EYES!"

That is our year in a nut shell! This year I promise to do better!!


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